Live Streaming Virtual Dance Lessons - Jersey City Ballroom

We Can Keep You Moving With Virtual Dance Lessons

We're well into our period of social distancing and hope you are all still holding up. Whether you are a long time student or new to Jersey City Ballroom and whether you are by yourself or with your family, our virtual dance lessons are the perfect way to stay connected and dancing.

Online Classes Let Us Dance Together But Separately

Due to the COVID crisis, we have taken most of our group classes into a virtual format. It's been a great way to stay connected, dance together, and see students and friends (new and old!) from local, national, and international areas.

Virtual Dance Lessons Schedules

Wednesdays @ 7pm ET

Beg/Int Social Latin Steps & Shines (Salsa or Bachata)

Thursdays @ 7pm ET

Int/Adv International Latin Solo Choreography (Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, or Paso Doble)

Saturdays @ 12:15pm ET

Int/Adv Jive Solo Choreography

Please check the schedule for exact dances and more information.

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Livestream Group Classes

Dance online together but separately with our virtual group classes via Zoom. You'll learn solo patterns and choreography from the instructor in real-time, tryout the steps to music, have a chance to ask questions via chat, and connect virtually to other dancers in Jersey City and around the country. Virtual classes are $10 per person per session (kids and pets join for free :)). 15 minutes before class, we will email you the link to the class. Just click the link, sign in or create a login, and get ready to move!

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Virtual Private Lessons

Keep your dance progress going from afar with our virtual private lessons. Ideal for 1-2 people, these lessons will pair you with a personal instructor who will work with you on your dance goals, provide technical feedback and information and help you continue to develop your confidence on the dance floor, even if it's your kitchen floor! Bookings by appointment.

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Virtual Semi-Privates

The best from both options, semi-private sessions offer a chance to learn and connect online with other dancers while still receiving individual assessment as the number of participants are limited. Tailored for 4-5 people, you and your fellow students will be able to choose the dance level and style that you would like to work on to keep your feet tapping. Bookings by appointment.

For questions or to schedule a lesson, contact our studio at 201-969-6260 or send us an email.