Jersey City Ballroom Believes That Dance Makes Life Better.

We specialize in building a community of dancers. Whether you're interested in Latin, ballroom, salsa, swing, tango, or wedding dance lessons, we are here to help you. We offer group classes, private lessons and specialized workshops for all ages.

Shimkiri - Co-Founder, Ballroom & Latin Dance Instructor
Jersey City Ballroom - Shimkiri

Shimkiri is an International Latin dancer who is the undefeated Edison Ballroom Champion, Vice-Champion of the NJ Open Rising Star Latin and finalist in many US competitions.

Shimkiri was an inspired dancer at the age of 3! Throughout her childhood, she took ballet, tap and gymnastics. She fell in love with ballroom dancing when her grandparents gave her video tapes of America’s Ballroom Challenge from PBS! Shimkiri has trained with many world-renown coaches and champions, especially Shirley Ballas, Maria Manusova and Colin James. She is the undefeated Edison Ballroom Champion and finalist in many national competitions. Since moving to New York and partnering with Werner, they have been Vice-Champions of the NJ State Open, Rising Stars of the Dancing A La Carte and continue to enjoy teaching and dancing in the Tri-State area!

Werner - Co-Founder, Ballroom & Latin Dance Instructor
Jersey City Ballroom - Werner

Werner Figar is an International Latin dancer who is 3 times Austrian Champion and has placed in the top 30 Professional International Latin dancers of the world!

Werner started as a gymnast at the age of 5, but was inspired to dance by the movie Dirty Dancing at the age of 8. He started competing with his sister, with whom he was 3 times Austrian Champion! When he was 18, he decided to take a break from ballroom dancing and he danced modern, ballet and jazz. He performed in musicals all over Europe and Asia including West Side Story in Germany, then he was accepted at Alvin Ailey in New York City! After completing the program at Ailey, he was invited to join the Elisa Monte Dance Company and toured all around the globe. In 2009, he came back to competitive ballroom dancing and continues to push the boundaries in Latin ballroom! Since then, he has been a professional and featured performer on Dancing With The Stars Austria and on Nike's Dancing with the Reps!

Paz - Ballroom & Latin Instructor
Jersey City Ballroom - Paz

Growing up in Peru, Paz started her dance journey as a young child with ballet lessons and traditional Peruvian dances at the age of 3. In her late teens, she switched to partner dancing with an emphasis on Salsa and Bachata. As an instructor, she taught for many years through Arthur Murray in Peru and competed professionally in American styles, becoming a finalist in several competitions. In 2018, Paz moved to New York City and started specializing in Professional International Latin, competing frequently in the Tri-State Area as well as nationally. Paz is well versed in all styles of dance including American Rhythm, American Smooth, International Latin, and is currently our Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Body Isolations, and Kid's Ballroom/Latin Program expert. Her enthusiasm for Latin and Ballroom dancing shines through in her dancing and teaching style.

Dennis - Ballroom & Latin Instructor
Jersey City Ballroom - Dennis

Dennis started performing in modern dance competitions and variety shows in school from elementary through high school and shifted into ballroom dancing in 1995 as it became very popular in his country of origin (Philippines). At the age of 18, he started dance hosting and continued to rehearse, train, and compete until 2016. His titles include 2014 Constitution State Challenge Dancesport Champion in Professional Latin, 3rd Place at the 2014 Yankee Classic 2014 in Professional Rising Star Latin, and 1st place at the 2012 Yankee Classic Amateur Rising Star Latin. His dancing brought him to the United States where he met his soulmate and started a family. In addition to dancing, he is also a DJ specializing in dance music, but teaching people how to dance is his first love. Dennis is an experienced instructor with quality knowledge and a calm, encouraging presence. His question for you is "What is life without music?".

Samantha - Ballroom & Latin Instructor
Jersey City Ballroom - Samantha

Samantha first found her love for dance at the age of 14. Her preliminary dance education from John Dewey High School Dance Program includes Ballet, Jazz, Modern, African-Caribbean and Hip Hop. Samantha grew up loving salsa music and the Latino culture. Naturally, when Samantha discovered the world of social dancing at age 15, she was hooked! In her college years, Samantha began her training in Ballroom and Latin Dance - certified in over 15 different partner dances at Paul Pellicoro’s Dancesport. Some of Samantha’s accolades include awards at the New York Dance Festival, International Salsa and Hustle Competition, New York Hustle Congress, and teaching and performing overseas on the Norwegian Jewel. Samantha’s love for dance is matched by her passion for teaching and mentorship. In 2008, Samantha’s first professional experience was for St. Joseph’s College, in Brooklyn, NY, as an adjunct professor. She became a full-time dance instructor in 2009 after completing a teacher’s college at Dancesport where she went on to become a Youth Director, Wedding Dance Choreographer, and Hustle, Bachata, and Salsa Specialist, including Salsa on 1 and Salsa on 2. Samantha enjoys teaching both group classes and private lessons alike. Her goal as an instructor is to help dancers at all levels find their own style and unique creativity without sacrificing musicality, technique and connection. Samantha believes dance is like a conversation. She strives to teach dancers to speak the same language so dance can be fluid and fun!

Sandy - Ballroom & Latin Instructor
Jersey City Ballroom - Sandy

Sandy started her dance journey as a child in Chinese traditional dances (using fans, chopsticks, cups, plates, and ribbons!) and performed at school. Her ballroom dancing career started in her late teens, and in college she joined the NYU Ballroom Team. From there on, ballroom dance taught her life - helping her grow into a confident young woman and learn about life, lessons in social skills, partnership skills, and patience :) through music and movement. Born hard of hearing, dancing has given Sandy the full ability to express herself through her own unique interpretation of music and rhythm. Her enjoyment of dancing lead her to turn Professional in her 10th year of ballroom dancing. Some of her most memorable achievements as a ballroom dancer were being in the finals of the United States National Rhythm Championships (placing 4th) and making the quarter-finals in the Asian Tour Professional Rising Star Latin in Taipei, Taiwan, her country of origin. Her goal as a dance teacher is to turn dance into an inspiration for living - something that brings people joy, aliveness, and longevity. She strives to use her skills from her "day job" as a special educator to make dancing simple and easy to understand for anyone, and to at any age, and with any or zero dance background! Sandy specializes in social dancing (i.e. dancing for fun), competitive and performance students, and wedding dances.

Ema - Instructor
Jersey City Ballroom - Ema

Ema brings truly international dance experience to the floor with having danced, competed and taught in several different countries across the world from Slovakia, to the Netherlands, to Taiwan, to Portugal. She is Slovakian National Finalist in Ballroom Dancing as well as 3-Time Taiwan National Champion in International Latin (Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive). Ema specializes in competitive, social, and wedding dances, and in addition, is an international coach of wheelchair dancing, dancing for students with physical and mental disabilities, and an adjudicator for integrative dancing. She brings her inclusive approach to all of her students to make them feel comfortable on the dance floor and accomplish their dance goals!

Karol - Instructor
Jersey City Ballroom - Karol

Karol started dancing as a child where he competed in 10-Dance (International Standard and International Latin) for several years. Ultimately, he decided that dancing was his chosen path, and turned his passion into his career. In addition to International Standard and International Latin, he also became an expert at American Smooth, American Rhythm, and social dances such as Bachata, Salsa, Argentine Tango, where partnering, floor craft, and rhythm on the dance floor are paramount in addition to step patterns and choreography. He currently competes professionally in American Rhythm (Cha Cha, Rumba, Mambo, Bolero, East Coast Swing). Karol brings his wide breadth of knowledge and his unique perspective from producing showcases and competitions to his students to help them achieve the best of their dance abilities!

Jaren - Instructor
Jersey City Ballroom - Jaren

Jaren began ballroom dancing in the Brigham Young University Youth Program. During his time in the program, he won 8 Formation National Team Championships in both Ballroom and Latin divisions. Later, he attended Brigham Young University as a student where he studied Russian with minors in Business and Ballroom Dance. While there, he was on their highly esteemed ballroom touring team. As part of the International Latin team, he placed 1st at the prestigious British Open Championships in Blackpool, England. Jaren has also had much success as a competitor in the classic ballroom dances, his titles include United States American Smooth Champion and International Standard Finalist. He currently competes professionally in International Standard (Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep). Jaren brings his passion for dance into his teaching for students of all ages and all dance interests!

Jersey City Ballroom - Potential Employee

We are seeking a creative, fun, people-loving individual to join our team of instructors! Strong dance background required, ballroom/latin experience a plus. Teaching experience is preferred and training is provided. The ideal applicant will have excellent communication skills, the ability to learn and develop through training/feedback, a positive attitude, and will be a team player. Perks include free rehearsal space and sponsored workshops with top guest coaches. Please contact us at with your resume and headshot.

Jersey City Ballroom Dance Studio

We encourage and support our students at every phase of their dance development.

Here is a collection of our most frequently asked questions to help you get started with Jersey City Ballroom. Please feel free to contact us if you have a question that is not answered below.

Toggle IconI'm new to dancing or haven't danced in a long time - can I take a class?

Our FUNdamentals and Bronze classes are designed for adults of all skill levels. Our instructors are extremely skilled for giving modifications for any step patterns if you have any injuries or need assistance. You did the hard part by jumping in - we'll help you to get more comfortable on the dance floor so you can start moving and grooving!

Toggle IconWhat is your purchase policy?

We offer limited exchanges within 14 days with management approval. No refunds.

Toggle IconWhat your cancellation/rescheduling policy?

You can cancel/reschedule a regular group class without charge up to 5 hours in advance of the start time of class and cancel/reschedule a private lesson or wedding dance lesson up to 24 hours in advance. Once cancelled, the class or lesson credit will go back into your account for use another time. If you cancel a group class within 5 hours of the start time or a private lesson/wedding dance lesson within 24 hours of the start time, you will be charged for the session. We apologize that we cannot make any exceptions. For any specialty classes including 5-Week series, workshops and performance teams, please check the policy when purchasing.

Toggle IconWhat is your winter weather policy?

The studio is open for lessons and classes unless there is a major public transportation shutdown because of snow, then the studio would also be closed for that day. Otherwise, if buses, trains and light rail are running, all lessons and classes take place as usual and any cancellation would be considered a late cancel. We apologize that we cannot make any exceptions.

Toggle IconWhat is a private lesson?

Personalized instruction though private lessons is one of the best and most effective ways to accelerate your dance skills! You can take a private lesson solo or with a partner. Sessions are 45 minutes, take place in our shared ballroom and are designed specifically for you by your private instructor. All of our instructors are very experienced, not to mention super awesome! We also have a 30-minute Introductory Private Lesson available so you can have a private lesson "taster" first. Find out more information and pricing by emailing us at or calling us at 201-969-6260.

Toggle IconCan I take a class if I am pregnant?

If your doctor has approved you for exercise, we certainly encourage you to come to class. Please also notify the instructor before class so they can give you any necessary modifications.

Toggle IconDo you have a place to change at your studio?

Yes! The bathrooms have a locker room behind the sink area, complete with showers and lockers.

For questions or to schedule a lesson, contact our studio at 201-969-6260 or send us an email.