We're Back! What To Expect So That Dance Can Keep Making Life Better

Posted: June 26, 2020

Dear Students,

We're back! We've been missing seeing our dance community on the dance floor. It's been great to stay active and keep in touch via the livestream classes, lessons, and happy hours, but it's really not the same as seeing YOU in person!

As we look forward to re-opening, below are some measures that will be put in place for your health, our staff team's health, and the overall health of our dance family. We will still be offering virtual private lessons at a discount at least until the end of July for those who do not feel comfortable dancing in person yet and for those who are enjoying the virtual lesson experience. We will also continue to offer virtual group classes at least until mid-July when we will re-evaluate the situation.

We will be reaching out first to students whose lessons had to be cancelled due to state orders and wedding couples whose wedding dates are coming up quickly. Scheduling will be on a rolling basis. Please keep checking in with us for more updates and check for any changes in protocols at the time of booking. If you have not heard from us personally and are really itching to dance in the studio again, please reach out to us so that we know that you are wanting to come in. Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Stay well and happy dancing!

All the best,
Shimkiri & Werner

COVID Precautions and Protocols:

  • Lessons will be limited to 1 lesson per ballroom. 1 lesson can be 1 person or 1 couple if you have been social distancing together.
  • Masks and social distancing will be required in the Brunswick Center building and within the studio at all times in accordance with state regulations. Masks must cover both nose and mouth.
  • Prior to entering the studio, students will be required to sanitize their hands using the hand sanitizing station by the staircase.
  • Ballroom will be sanitized in between appointments for the health of our students and instructors. Attendance will be limited to 1 person or 1 couple and 1 instructor per ballroom.
  • The Brunswick Center will be putting into place new protocols for bathroom usage.
  • Appointment times may be adjusted to allow for time between students to sanitize traffic areas. Attendance will be limited to 1 person or 1 couple per ballroom and 1 landing area per ballroom.
  • In-person lesson appointment cancellation* and rescheduling policy will now be changed 48 hours prior to the start of the lesson. The obvious exception is if you are starting to have COVID symptoms. If you have COVID symptoms, we ask that you cancel your session and wait to come in for 14 days or until a negative COVID test result is received.
  • Virtual lessons and classes will still fall under our normal schedule cancellation* and rescheduling policy (24 hours for private lessons, 5 hours for group classes).
  • Prior to your lesson, you will be notified beforehand which ballroom your lesson will be taking place in. Please go to that door only. For example, if your lesson will be in "Ballroom A" please go to the door marked "A".
  • Please do not arrive earlier than 5 minutes prior to your lesson time in order for us to ensure that we can keep the social distancing limits for all our students. If you arrive prior to this time, please wait in the car or outside the Center.
  • Please bring your own water or water bottle as our water dispenser will no longer be available as it is a high-touch area. There will be a water dispenser available in the lounge that is capable of touchless water bottle refills.

*Please note that cancellation refers to cancelling your appointment time, it does not refer to our refund policy.

Summer Splash

Posted: August 18, 2019

On Friday, August 16th, Jersey City Ballroom celebrated its second annual “Summer Splash” event. This year the theme was a luau party and was hosted at the JCB’s Brunswick Center location. The studio, turned event space, was aptly decorated with parrots, tropical flowers, grass skirts, and palm trees. There was even a tiki hut buffet with snacks and tropical fruits. As our guests, donning their best summer-themed attire entered, they had the opportunity to try our special Summer Splash cocktail to start their evening off right!

Throughout the night guests had the opportunity to engage in social dancing, fun conversations, and tropical-themed pictures. Dylan led the first of our group dance classes: the ever popular,latin dance samba. Next, Dakota took us through a hula class which yielded quite a few laughs as well as some surprise hula stars we had hidden amongst our guests. The highlight of the evening, however, was our limbo contest. After Dylan and Werner demonstrated some expertly flexible limbo technique, our guests were off to prove just how low they could go. We have to say, we think our two male champions, Matt McGriff and Gerrald Samraj, could give the professionals a run for their money.

We rounded out the evening with performances and dance shows. Annamarie, Danielle, and Jen, showcased their competitive dancing for the crowd, as well as a wedding dance preview by Robert and Rachel who were married on September 1st. They did an awesome job running through their first dance one last time before their big day. The event was a huge success with a large turnout, great dancing, and loads of laughs. We are already looking forward to next year’s summer bash.

2018 Dance Congress

Posted: September 22, 2018

Dance Congress 2018 kicked off Saturday morning with a fantastic catered breakfast from the Old German Bakery. It was nice to sit down and enjoy the company of fellow students and friends over a breakfast sandwich or pastry. It was just the thing to get our dance energy going for the amazing lineup of guest dance pros we enjoyed.

Our first workshop was the Lindy Hop with Samantha and Brian Lawton, nationally acclaimed dancers, choreographers and Swing specialists. They not only kept our feet busy with their quick steps but also kept us laughing with their unique and witty teaching style.

Our second workshop of the morning featured Boriana Deltcheva, 3-Time Bulgarian Latin Champion and 3-Time US Latin Silver Medalist. She used a slow Rumba and multiple versions of a familiar song to inspire us to think about the musicality of the songs we choose for our dances. One version was slow with focus on the vocals and was paired against a remixed version that incorporated more percussion. The added drums gave the song a new flavor and depth which in turn added a more rhythmical element to our dance moves. We then contrasted that with the more lyrical original version and explored different ways to add musicality through stylistic interpretation.

The last workshop for the morning was taught by Lori Ann Greenhouse and Kelvin Roche, 9 Time World Hustle Champions. Kelvin used warm-up exercises to encourage us to be very conscious of our movement through space and keeping our bodies centered as we move through our dance steps. We were then moved into the world of Hustle, floating across the floor with quick, light steps that are just too much fun.

Lunch was a fantastic spread by Taqueria with live music by Matty D and social dancing before moving to the long anticipated heats and showcases.

We were happy to be joined by Derek and Lulu from SHDA in Philadelphia for the Dance Congress. In the heats, they dazzled us with one round after another with seeming unending energy. All the couples who participated in the heats were a pleasure to watch with their unique costumes and variety of choreography. For some of our students, such as Vlera, Endri and Hannah, it was their first time on the floor with an audience! For other students, such as Elizabeth and Wilma, their years of experience in dancing gave their dancing an extra dimension.

Both Pro-Am and Am-Am showcases were great fun with a wide variety of themes and musical choices. Some fast and energetic, some slow and graceful, all representing countless hours of planning and practicing to create a lineup that was quite impressive. Both the heats and showcases were judge by Boriana, and for the showcases, each performer received a special feedback on their particular strengths and areas to improve.

Thank you to all our guests who showed up to support their friends and family. Thank you to our special dance pros who each taught us something we will carry with us and add into our lives of dance. Thank you to all the volunteers that helped throughout the day to keep things moving smoothly. We appreciate every table you set up and chair you moved. Thank you to all the dancers who participated to make the day what it was…for you and all about you. It was a celebration of all that you worked hard to accomplish over the last year. All the sweat and frustration, fun and laughter. Congratulations to each of you for all that you have accomplished and all the best for what exciting things this year to come will bring. Looking forward to Dance Congress 2019!

Lindy Hop Workshop

Lindy Hop Workshop

International Latin and Musicality Workshop

International Latin and Musicality Workshop

Hustle Workshop

Hustle Workshop

Awards Ceremony after the Heats and Showcases

Awards Ceremony after the Heats and Showcases

Rumba & Rosé

Posted: May 30, 2018

Jersey City Ballroom’s first official Dancing & Wine event was deliciously fun. Everyone’s hip movements seemed to be enforced by glasses of rosé. The workshop was taught together by Shimkiri and Werner and the added benefit of having two instructors paid off as everyone successfully learned an open American Rumba choreography. It was a blast and we hope to be holding more Dancing & Wine events very soon!

Rhumba and Rose Shenanigans

Rhumba & Rose Shenanigans

Spring Spectacular

Posted: May 12, 2018

Our Spring Spectacular 2018 was a great hit. With more than 22 numbers, we kept the audience entertained and wanting more! Performances included Latin numbers such as a Pro-Am Cha Cha Cha by Anna and instructor Werner Figar, to traditional Ballroom numbers such as Slow Waltz by the Am-Am Performance Team. Instructors Emily and Dylan performed a Viennese Waltz, Resident Coach Joel showcased Salsa, and Co-Founders Shimkiri and Werner ended the evening with a romantic Rumba.

Congratulations to all of our students who danced their hearts out. Every number was unique and it was exciting to see all the improvement and development that our students are undergoing. Job well done everyone! Congratulations to all of our performers and a special thank you to all who attended.

2018 Spring Spectacular - Latin Performance Team

Latin Performance Team featuring students (from left to right) Alan, Jen, Veronika and Sherezada. Choreography by Shimkiri

2018 Spring Spectacular - Jen and Werner's Pirate-y Paso Doble

Jen and Werner's Pirate-y Paso Doble

2018 Spring Spectacular - Instructors Dylan and Emily showing off their Tango flair

Instructors Dylan and Emily showing off their Tango flair

2018 Spring Spectacular - Annamarie and Werner smoothly performing a foxy Foxtrot

Annamarie and Werner smoothly performing a foxy Foxtrot

Masquerade Ball

Posted: April 20, 2018

Thank you to all who made out to our first ever Masquerade Ball dance party. It was such a fun event and it was amazing to see all of the creative masks and disguises that everyone wore. One attendee even hand-made her mask! Of course, as the night went on, some of the masks came off to improve visibility (and airflow!) for dancing.

Michele and Daniel Partnering Up for the Group Class

Michele and Daniel Partnering Up for the Group Class

2018 Masquerade Ball - Annie and Dylan getting ready to compete in the Jack and Jill Dramatic Tango and Reverse Roles Rumba Dance Mixer

Annie and Dylan compete in the Jack & Jill Dance Mixer

2018 Masquerade Ball - Batman and Poison Ivy

Michaela and Elizabeth strutting with flair for the Dramatic Tango dance-off

Dylan kicking off the festivities

Dylan kicking off the festivities

2018 Masquerade Ball - Batman and Poison Ivy

Batman and Poison Ivy

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