Group Dance Classes

Group classes are a great way to get your body moving and learn step patterns and different types of dances. You'll meet new friends and learn how to dance with different partners. No partner, no problem! Bringing a partner is not necessary for class, partner rotation ensures that everyone gets a chance to dance.

$25 for Drop-In, 10-Pack for $175, 10 Classes to Share for $195. Group class sessions are counted per attendee.

New Students: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Group Class ($25)


Enjoy a dancing & wine event at our Salsa & Sangria night!

Learn some new Salsa moves and sip some Sangria on Thursday August 16th, 9:15-10pm. $25 per person, $50 per couple. No partner needed.

Salsa & Sangria Dance Class

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Salsa & Sangria - Single
Salsa & Sangria - Couple

Types of Group Classes

FUNdamentals - This class is suitable for beginners and all levels. FUNdamentals classes focus on 1-2 dances each class, 1-2 steps each dance while working on foundations of partner dancing such as frame, timing, footwork, connection and more.

Bronze - This class is suitable for beginners and anyone who wants to brush up on their Bronze syllabus steps. Classes primarily focus on Bronze step patterns with some emphasis on technique (frame, footwork, posture, lead & follow, etc.). For classes that are denoted Bronze/Silver 1, we will start with Bronze step patterns and guide students towards Silver 1 (pre-intermediate) levels.

Silver/Gold -Previous dance experience required for these levels. Classes primarily focus on Silver and/or Gold syllabus with strong emphasis on technique required to execute more complicated step patterns.

Latin Jazz - Previous dance experience or a strong sense of determination recommended. This is a solo dance class and does not use partners. You'll warm-up with stretching and body isolations followed by movements that combine International Latin, jazz and modern dancing to test your fitness and dance skills. Throughout the class, you'll focus on musicality and Latin movements designed to help you perfect your body placement and promote your core muscle development and balance.

​Cheat Sheet: Bronze = Beginner, Silver = Intermediate, Gold = Advanced


We also offer private dance lessons to suit all skill levels. Take advantage of our Introductory Lesson to assess your abilities and get you started with lessons tailored to your abilities.