Childrens Dance Lessons Jersey City

Inspiring the Next Generation of Dancers

Help your child develop a sense of creativity and musicality through our Kreative Kids Ballroom & Latin program! Each class is tailored specifically to meet the activity level and movement needs of that age group, while teaching foundational basics of Ballroom and Latin dancing that will help build stronger, more aligned and gracefully coordinated kids who love music, dance and movement.

Children's Dance Lessons in Jersey City

Children's Dance Lessons at Jersey City Ballroom

We believe in a Montessori-style way of learning that offers kids a chance to explore and expand their dance and movement abilities while becoming intrinsically motivated to dance. Our 2-3 year old students will have movement games incorporated into their dance class. Our 4-6 year old students will be able to start learning dance routines and have a chance to perform during our 2 major theater showcase events of the year, held in Spring and Winter. In addition to learning step patterns, our 6.5-9 year old students will start working more in-depth with proper Ballroom and Latin technique and musicality.

Sample Schedule (4-6.5 year old class)
  • 5:30pm - Kids enter the ballroom, are greeted by the instructor and greet each other. Change into their dance footwear if they have not already.
  • 5:35pm - Warm up stretch to lengthen & extend muscles to prepare for dancing.
  • 5:40pm - Instructor demonstrates a step pattern such as a Waltz box step, or Cha Cha forward and back lock steps. Whole body movement is taught including but not limited to footwork, torso/hip movement, frame, arm styling, and posture. Instructor teaches with counts, kids dance to music. Instructor may link different step patterns together into a choreography.
  • 5:50pm - Water break and freestyle dancing, or a dance/movement game.
  • 5:55pm - If preparing for a showcase, the class will review the performance choreography and routines. Otherwise, the instructor will teach a different dance.
  • 6:10pm - Cool down transition.

Connect With Your Kids Through Dance

Dance is a great way for parents and kids to bond on a new level. Our dance party workshops are tailored to meet your family's unique needs. Whether you have toddlers or are looking to bond with your teenagers, we will have you moving & grooving together on the dance floor!

Dance is a Great Way to Connect With Your Kids

Connect With Your Children Through Dance

Dancing is a great way for parents and kids to connect on a different level. We offer dance workshops for families and will tailor the level of instruction to meet your family's unique configuration. Whether you have the littlest littles, or are looking to bond with your teenagers, our special format will have you all moving and grooving together on the dance floor. We can also provide tips on how to keep moving at home and throw your own personal dance party in the living room!

Get your children started dancing lessons with an Introductory Lesson or call us at 201-969-6260 to schedule a tour of our studio to see if we are a good fit for you and your kids.